California Amphibians Photography

california newtcalifornia red-legged frogcalifornia slender salamander
California NewtCalifornia Red-Legged FrogCalifornia Slender Salamander
pacific giant salamander pacific treefrog red-legged frog
Pacific Giant SalamanderPacific Tree FrogRed-Legged Frog
california newt photowestern toadmonterey ensatina
Rough-Skinned NewtWestern ToadYellow-Eyed Ensatina

 Information about Amphibians

Amphibians (class Amphibia; from Greek αμφις "both" and βιος "life") are a taxon of animals that include all living tetrapods (four-legged vertebrates) that do not have amniotic eggs, are ectothermic (term for the animals whose body heat is regulated by the external environment; previously known as cold-blooded), and generally spend part of their time on land. Most amphibians do not have the adaptations to an entirely terrestrial existence found in most other modern tetrapods (amniotes). There are around 6,000 described, living species of amphibians. The study of amphibians and reptiles is known as herpetology. Amphibians are able to breathe through their skin.  Source: Wikpedia

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