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These are some general guideline to commercial use of the wildlife images found on this website. For more information please send an email or phone the artist at +1 (510) 544-9719. All images are the intellectual property of Roger Hall and are protected under US and international laws.

Educators and environmental groups:

You may use any images on this website without prior approval or permission, as long as the use relates and promotes environmental preservation or education.  I would suggest visiting the Cal-Photos website to see more wildlife images that are generally available free to use for non-profits. If you use an image from this website either for printed materials or websites you must credit the image to: Roger Hall.  A link back to this website is appreciated.


You must purchase a license for each image. Images may be used for more than one project if the projects are related. For example: an image can used multiple times for related business uses such as logos, letterheads, promotional items and website graphics. You may not use an image outside of this such as a book illustration or for another unrelated project. Without an extended license, Inkart Productions Stock Illustrations images MAY NOT BE USED for: imprinting on product for sale, such as clothing (for example, t-shirts where the Inkart Productions image makes the shirt unique), fabrics or other merchandise, cards, or books (no extended license is required for editorial use by magazines and newspapers).

To purchase an extended license for any of the above purposes, contact Inkart Productions or phone 1 (510) 544-9719.  You cannot use any image found on this site for any illegal or fraudulent purpose or to promote pornographic and/or obscene material.

PLEASE NOTE: The image may not be distributed on a photo CD, website or by any other means intended to provide images for use in printing, building websites, etc. Also, you may not re-license, sell, or permit others to use images licensed from Inkart Productions for design, advertising, journalistic purposes, etc. For example, you may purchase a license on behalf of a client while designing an advertisement for them but you may not then use that image for other clients.

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